Welcome to flintknappingpublications.com, D.C. Waldorf's web site, home of Mound Builder Books and Flint Jack’s Gallery. We have been serving the flintknapper, collector, archaeologist, and lithic technologist with quality books and videos since 1975. For over ten years Flint Jack's Gallery has exclusively featured the work of master knapper D.C. Waldorf. Feel free to brows and enjoy this site while keeping in mind that all of the products offered herein were made in the USA. We hope you find what your'e looking for.

Heads Up! Announcements from D.C. Waldorf.  

I have just uploaded in the Danish Dagger page of Flint Jack’s Gallery five new daggers in belt and necklace sheaths made from genuine brain tanned buckskin and decorated with authentic Scandinavian Neolithic and Early Bronze Age designs. Dagger aficionados be sure to check these out!  For those fans of the late Valerie Waldorf’s art work please have a look at the new Posters and Prints page. To there I have moved the ever popular Best From Story In Stone wall poster and added the remainders of five limited edition prints that have been in storage for 30 years! Also, I have reduced the prices of my most popular DVDs, thus passing the savings on to you. This has, in turn, allowed me to cut the prices on most of my Specials and Combos. I have moved the $5 “Projectile Point Samplers” over to the Gallery, where they belong, and one of these will be automatically included free with any Special that features a copy of my The Art of Flintknapping book! And, I’m back to putting some more points on the Gallery, remember Christmas isn’t that far away, so keep an eye out for those.  DCW 10/1/14 

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