Welcome to flintknappingpublications.com, D.C. Waldorf's web site, home of Mound Builder Books and Flint Jack’s Gallery. We have been serving the flintknapper, collector, archaeologist, and lithic technologist with quality books and videos since 1975. For over ten years Flint Jack's Gallery has exclusively featured the work of master knapper D.C. Waldorf. Feel free to brows and enjoy this site while keeping in mind that all of the products offered herein were made in the USA. We hope you find what your'e looking for.

New Policy For Foreign Orders! 
Foreign order requests must first be submitted by email to rocky1@arkansas.net so we can figure the additional shipping charges. If you order directly through the site before inquiry the order will be held and you will be notified of the additional postage. When additional postage is payed the order will then be shipped. Remember, to distant countries the postage may exceed the value of the order! In this case if you do not wish to proceed you have the option of canceling the order and receiving a refund if due. 

Heads Up! Announcements from D.C. Waldorf.   

Hope you all have had a happy holiday and are looking forward to a safe and profitable new year. For the next month or so I will be taking my “winter hiatus” so expect fewer things in the Gallery until the end of February. I do this to rest my hands and body, and it is also hard to keep heat in my shop with a half ton of cold rocks under the benches. However, you might want to keep an eye out for those stray pieces I might post in the meantime. Also, the year-end sale and close-outs will continue until all stock marked as such is sold. Again, there are some great bargains here when considering the quality of the pieces. DCW 1/3/15 

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